5 Must Try Japanese Foods

Japanese Food is arguably one of the broadest and most famous cuisines globally. With so much variety, we decided to list off 5 dishes which are common favourites among travellers in Japan! Note that these are dishes are offered globally, however, the vast majority of food places outside of Japan stray far from what the actual product tastes like in Japan. So, even if you think you like a certain dish because you’ve had it in your country, the only way to tell how real Japanese food tastes, is to try if for yourself!

1. Sushi 寿司 (すし)

It’s obvious that this would make the list. In Japan, Sushi shops are pretty common, especially ‘kaiten sushi’, which translates to conveyor belt sushi. You can also go to Sushi Bars where the chef prepares the meal in front of you, but that is not recommended if you cannot speak Japanese. Kaiten Sushi restaurants such as Sushiro (スシロー) Offer plates of Sushi for 100JPY, and you can order sushi to some to your table on an electronic tablet which has an English option. When you are done eating, you call for the check, and a waiter will come and count up the total plates on your table, and you will pay on your way out. Really cheap way of filling up the stomach and re-energizing!  

2. Ramen ラメーン

Ramen is famous internationally. It’s definitely a favourite wherever you go. Nothing better than a piping hot ramen on a cold day. A lot of prefectures have speciality ramen flavours, ranging from spicy ramens, to milk ramens. The core ingredients are the same, but the broth is what really separates one ramen from another. Usually, ramen is an good economic decision, as a standard size bowl is usually on 700JPY, making it worthwhile meal!

3. Gyoza ぎょざ

Gyoza are dumplings usually filled with pork and cabbage, which when dipped in the Gyoza dipping sauce, become one of the most tasty dumplings you will ever have. You can even get these from convenience stores and have them heated up in store, so you can eat them right away. Gyoza is a really tasty snack, or a side dish and are usually very reasonably priced, going for 200-500JPY.

4. Tempura 天ぷら (てんぷら)

Battered shrimp that has been a Japanese tradition for many years.  Tempura is a classical dish brought to Japan from Portugal. It is often used in Ramen, udon and can also be used for sushi as well. It can be eaten on its own, so you don’t need a soup or dipping sauce to go with it. Tempura usually comes as a side or a small portions in a Traditional Japanese meal. It’s not usually eaten as a meal by itself. Tempura can be vegetarian, but typically, you will have shrimp battered, with a selection of vegetables in the mix!

5. Yakisoba 焼きそば (やきそば)

Yakisoba is a dish, consisting of friend noodles served with pork, and assorted vegetables, all doused in Yakisoba sauce. It’s a common dish to make at home, often a weekend dish as it is easy to make and tastes absolutely fantastic. However, you can often find it as a street food in the large cities and at festivals all around the country. It certainly is worth trying. Like Tempura, if you are making it yourself, you can make it vegetarian if you wish.  

To make it, you need a selection of vegetables, yakisoba noodles, yakisoba sauce, and pork. You essentially all put it together in a large pan and cool it all together. when it’s all loose, add the yakisoba sauce in and dig in!

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