1 Month Without Spending ANY 1 yen Coins – Contest

For the entire month of February, I intend to not spend ANY one yen coins. 


Good question. I always found that I can never spend them, and they eventually just build up and continue to do so until i eventually ‘accidentally lose’ them via one mean or another. So i figured, what would happen if I just didn’t spend them at all? Also, 1 yen coins are useless to me.

You know that 1yen coins are useful right?

Yes. Yes I do. For those who don’t know, it’s common in Japan that people will tend to pay for things in the exact amount of coins, for the very reason to prevent the 1yen and other smaller coins from building up. See, I’m someone who likes to be efficient. If I go to the convenience store and get my morning usual – a iced coffee and a sandwich, which usually comes to about 491yen – So bet your sweet behind that I’m going to pay for that with a 500yen coin.  Unfortunately, that means I usually add 4, 1 yen coins to my sack of 1 yen coins before the clock even strikes 8am. 

So what are you trying to accomplish by not spending any 1 yen coins? 

To be honest, I was thinking of just carrying around a backpack where I go and just stuff more 1 yen coins but then I thought that after a day or so, that would start to get heavy – Trust me, i somehow end up with a shocking amount of 1 yen coins in seemingly no time. So instead, I decided that I will head down to the 100yen shop tomorrow after work and get a medium sized jar, and at the end of the each day, insert the days haul.  I’ve even got some close friends in on it and will have them also contribute their haul to the jar. Basically, the goal of all this is to just get a mass of one yen coins. There’s really not much to it. 

Why should I care about this?

I was thinking that at the end of February, I will either take a photo of the Jar, or build a massive tower out of the stash. Either way. It will be posted to our company twitter @OffTheTrackJpn , and the we will hold a contest. Whoever can guess the closest to the actual amount of 1 yen coins accumulated throughout the month of February, will win some prizes!

Prizes you say? I’m interested! 

That’s right! We will award the 2 closest guesses with the jar’s value in Japanese Candies/sweets/lollies (or whatever you call it in your country). They will be delivered to your door free of charge!

So let’s say that the jar comes up being 986 yen. You will get 986 yen (or as close as we can) worth in Japanese candies. Everything from the familiar, to maybe a little strange. It’s a real mystery what you will get should you be one of the lucky winners!

Sounds Great! What are the rules and how do I enter?

Rules are simple. One Entry per person. Must be a follower on Twitter(@OffTheTrackJpn) and as such, all participants must have Twitter. Mark it in your calendars, the entries begin on the 1st of March, 2019 at 9:00am and will last to the 7th of March at 9:00pm. All times are JST. You must reply to any of our contest tweets with a numerical value -These tweets will be marked with ‘Contest’. Once you enter, your twitter handle will be documented and your name and guess. If you are the lucky winner, we will message you asking for your shipping details. You will have 48 hours to reply to us, otherwise you will forfeit your position. 

Is there anyway I can improve my chances of winning?

Well we will be posting weekly updates to twitter and to our website, with a photo of the jar thus far. If you keep on top of it throughout February, then you might just be able to count or do some math to figure out  everything as the contest progresses.

Anything else we should know?

Nope! Just good luck! Remember the dates! Coin collecting will begin February 1st!

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