About us

Off The Track Japan is a travel company offering travel advice for traveling to and around Japan. Founded in 2018 by Isaac Mills, Off The Track Japan is a quick growing travel service, now currently in the development phase to produce quality E-Travel Guides for some of the popular destinations in Japan. 

Our goal is simple: Bringing You to the Hidden Gems of Japan. Although our staff are all young individuals, our experience is extensive, with many years of knowledge all on things to do with Japan. From pop-culture to ancient Japanese history, our staff have a wealth of knowledge on a wide range of topics. 


Meet our team


Max Walton

Japanese Communications Liaison (2018 - Present)

Isaac Mills

Isaac Mills

CEO & Creative Director (2018 - Present),

Marcus Williams

Planning & Design Manager (2018 - Present)

Dan Simmon

Chief Technological Officer (2018 - Present)

Job Dyer

Job Dyer

Research Specialist & Field Operative (2019 - Present)
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All information resources used come from official sources such as destination websites, local government agencies and whatever details we can gather on our visits. We want to ensure that all of our information is as reliable as possible, so you know you aren’t getting cheated on anything. 

Our destinations and articles are kept as factual as possible. Although our opinions may be present at times, we do ensure that we try to keep bias to a minimum and present our information as factual as we can.