Asakusa Temple Area – Tokyo | Travel Information

Asakusa Temple Gate

Senso-ji (浅草寺, literally Asakusa Temple) is the Japanese name of the temple located in the district of Asakusa, Taito.

It is also the main attraction of the area, pulling in crowds of tourists and people of Tokyo alike. 

The entrance to the temple is located directly in front of a large intersection, where the Kaminari-Mon (雷門, literally Lightning Gate) stands. 

Opposite the gate on the other side of the intersection is the relatively new (built in 2012) Culture Tourist Information Center, which is easily recognisable by its height and the unique style of the building. Reaching this area is also very easy, being just a moment away from the station for the Ginza line with plenty of signs to show you the right way. Being a very popular spot for tourists, it’s very English-friendly and everything is made clear.

From the gate, you have the Nakamise shopping street, a street lined on either side by traditional styled stalls selling all manner of souvenirs and snacks. 

A particularly popular food are the rice crackers. Other famous foods there are the ningyo-yaki – a famous red bean cake, If you want to eat meals around this area, there are various sushi shops, bars, cheap and all will likely be quite expensive as it the Asakusa temple area is a major tourist spot.

The main temple of Asakusa is quite a sight in itself. Another gate marks the entrance of the temple. Within its grounds are several impressive buildings including a five-story pagoda (not accessible from the interior). At the main building there’s the offertory box you can throw your coins into for prayer, and in front of it are places you can buy Omikujis (おみくじ, meaning ‘fortune slip’) for 100JPY.

Hours and Admission

  • Hours: Temple: 6:00am-5:00pm (from 6:30am during Oct-Mar) Temple Grounds 24/7
  • Free
  • Average Time Spent: 45 Minutes - 1.5 Hours
  • Official Website


Asakusa is located in the northern region of Tokyo, and can easily be accessed by Asakusa Station from many of the major stations around Tokyo. 

From Tokyo Station, you can take the Tokyo Metro (departing from Nihombashi Station, down the road a couple blocks from the east exit of Tokyo Station) on the Ginza Line for a direct route to Asakusa, costing 170JPY one way.

Where To Stay Near the Asakusa Temple Area

Mustard Hotel Asakusa 1

Stay in a caspule hotel with a unique twist, and enjoy the hotels traditional Japanese style bathhouse – nothing better than relaxing in a hot spring after a long day of exploring the city.

APA Hotel Asakusa Ekimae

Stay in the nations most reputable and prominent mid-range hotel chain, located just minutes from Asakusa Temple. 

Hotel Gracery Asakusa

The Hotel Gravery Asakusa is a newly open 4-star Hotel that provides you with a luxurious stay in the heart of Asakusa.

Nearby Attractions

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Tokyo Skytree is among one of the most notable tourist attractions in Tokyo. The landmark has a total height of 634m, making it the tallest structure in Japan, and the tallest tower in the world! The Tokyo Skytree serves as a broadcasting tower, observation deck, and a restaurant.

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