Blue Pond, Biei – Hokkaido | Travel Information

Blue Pond Biei of Hokkaido Prefecture

Blue Pond, Biei, (Aoiike) located in  central Hokkaido Prefecture, is artificial pond with a soothing cobalt blue shimmer.  

The pond was created following the Eruption of Mt. Tokachi in 1988 when a dam was created to nullify the effects of erosion from the volcanic mudflow. 

As a result of the creation of the dam, many ponds formed along the Blue river,  which flows from the nearby Shirahige Waterfall.

The water takes it’s beautiful blue colour from the naturally occurring minerals in the ground as a result of the volcanic surroundings, combination of the sulfur from geothermal vents scattered about. This is a geothermal active area, an as such, you can find Shirogane Onsen only a short 5 minute drive up the road – It’s a fantastic spot to stay the night if you have the time and money for it.

Where to stay near Blue Pond, Biei

Phottage inn Biei

The Phootage inn Biei is a great place to stay in when you are in Biei, it’s conveiently located, the rooms are beautifully finished to suit the aesthetic of a log cabin.

Hotel Lavenir

Located only 3 Minutes away from Biei Station, the Hotel Lavenir stands as a great base for an afforable price, so you can get out there and see what Biei has to offer.

Yumoto Shirogane-Onsen Hotel

The Yumoto Shirogane-Onsen Hotel is located near the Blue Pond, a great place to stay at when you go exploring the local attractions.

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