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Buttsuji Temple

Located somewhat north-west of Mihara city in Hiroshima prefecture is the 14th century Buddhist temple called Buttsuji.

Buttsuji temple was founded in 1397/99 by the lord of Mihara, Kobayakawa Haruhira. It is the head temple of an autonomous branch of Rinzai Buddhism and is regarded throughout the Chugoku region as absolutely stunning. Its Autumn leaves are particularly noteworthy drawing thousands of people to it each autumn for its annual Momeji viewing. 

TButtsuji temple itself lies very isolated in a deep valley surrounded by forests, cliffs and rivers. In autumn these forests paint the landscape with bright and vibrant reds, yellows and oranges. The temple is far enough away from main roads to provide absolute silence, a rare commodity in busy mainland Japan. The drive to it on its own is worth a trip but the temple is definitely the star attraction.

Flanked on one side by a very attractive mountain river and tall, forested mountains on the other, the temple instantly brings to mind tales of wise sages and mountain hermits. There are rows of mossy Toro (stone lanterns), Jizo (stone Buddhist statues). Raked gravel gardens and of course the famous Japanese maple trees. The sweat Smokey scent of Buddhist incense wafts through the air and even though there are dozens of people all around you, you still get the feeling of solitude.

Buttsuji temple has a very impressive display of Buddhist carvings and traditional Japanese architecture along with a temple store and a range of different gardens. There is also a tea shop/cafe that sells several different traditional Japanese tea snacks such as sakura mochi and red bean soup for a very reasonable price. A large eating area lies roped off next to it with low tables out under the maple leaves that you can sit on and eat at, a perfect way to spend half an hour or so watching the leaves slowly fall to the ground, one by one.

Autumn Colours at Buttsuji Temple

Hours and Admission

Accessing Buttsuji Temple

Getting to Buttsuji is very easy. Simply get off the shinkansen or ordinary train at Mihara station, walk out the front entrance and get on the bus at the Buttsuji stop (its in English and Japanese) directly in front of the station.

The bus takes about 20-40 minutes to reach the temple.

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