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Cape Soya (Cape Sōya) is the northernmost point on Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido. It is the very top of Japan.

Cape Soya belongs to the city of Wakkanai, a small city at the top of Hokkaido home to some 35,000 people. Many tourists whether international or domestic don’t travel the distance up to the very top of Japan, so the cape is usually quite quiet with the occasional person who also made the journey to this remote location. 

To reward those dedicated enough to travel the distance, there are a number of scenic photo spots scattered around, as well as a couple of Cafe’s offering some delicious food.

The Monument at Cape Sōya is the recognized northernmost point of Japan, however, Bentenjima – which is located another 1km off shore to the northwest, however, Bentenjima is essentially a small baron rock with a ton of bird poop on it, so understandably, the monument at Cape Soya is the official northernmost point of Japan.

On a clear and calm day, the Russian island of Sakhalin is visible from the shores of Cape Sōya.

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As you might have guessed, Cape Soya isn’t the easiest of places to visit, and will require your own vehicle to get to it.

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