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Off The track Japan strives to provide excellence to our visitors, clients, business partners, and everyone else. As such, we need an awesome team to keep producing content and to gain exposure for our brand and products.

See where you can make a contribution to our team! 

The ‘Field Operative’ position is one of the most important positions we have going, as our field operatives are responsible for all the core content on every single one of our many hundred destination pages on our site and are essential to creating our quality travel guides. However, we do lack quite a lot of information on Northern Japan and as such, are calling for your help. If you are in, or have spent a lot of time in Northern Japan and want to make some easy money on the side, then we think you should consider this offer.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Travel around your local area finding hidden gems and popular tourist destinations
  • Take photos of what you see
  • Write up a detailed summary of what to expect (Views, opening hours, entry fees, other noteworthy things to see)

Benefits of the Role:

  • ¥2500 Per destination page
  • Additional ¥1000 per destination included in any of our travel guides
  • Work when you want, however often you like
  • 100% Entry Fee Reimbursement 

Tour Guides are a necessity for some people and we are in high demand for Tour-Guide Interpreters who hold the necessary national requirements to conduct paid tours to visitors. We are going to be launching tours operated by Off The Track Japan and need experienced tour guides to conduct tours when booked by our clients. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Creating various tours
  • Guiding clients and providing insightful information
  • Providing best local knowledge and give clients high value for their money.


  • A valid Tour Guide-Interpreter qualification
  • Must live in Japan
  • A Valid Work-Visa or higher
  • Strong English language ability
  • Registered as a sole trader
  • Reliable internet connect and fast communication times


  • Freedom to create tours based off your interests
  • Independence (You carry on your normal guiding duties, we just send you work)
  • You decide how much you get paid for your tour
  •  Be part of a strong and fast growing travel network.

That's All For Now!

Send all CV's and a brief introduction of yourself to [email protected]