Chōshi – Chiba | Travel Information

Chōshi is a coastal city and is the east-most point in Chiba Prefecture. Chōshi is known for it’s stunning cliff sides and succulent fresh sea food. Its fishing industry is well established, with some of Chiba’s largest tuna being sold at the local fishing port. Chōshi is also known as a center for soy sauce production, with date back to the 1600’s. During World War II, it was an important military target due to the local economy which was fueled by its soy sauce and fishing industry.

Along the coastline of Chōshi and the neighboring city, you will find some amazing cliffs which are some of the most popular attractions in the city. These famous cliffs start from the Inubōsaki lighthouse and go all the way to the next town – Asahi. The cliffs are almost like what you would see in Dover, South England, but on a smaller scale, but still impressive nonetheless. The Rock faces are extremely sharp and utmost care and attention is required if you decide to take some photos on the cliff edge – It’s about a 15-30 meter fall in places with sharp rocks at the bottom. If you decide to take the safe round down to the water, you can find tide pools which have some of Japan’s coastal aquatic animals, such as this starfish!

Nearby the cliffs, is the Chōshi Port Tower stands at 57.7m tall and is very close by to the local fish market where you can grab a meal using freshly caught fish, crustaceans and shellfish. At the top of the port tower, you can expect to be met with some stunning coastal views, and on a clear day, you can even see the famous Mt.Fuji. 

It is highly worth visiting the Chōshi Port Tower if you are in the area, it only costs 350yen for adults, and you will get some fantastic views!

Getting to Chōshi

Chōshi is located on the eastern-most point of Chiba Prefecture. You can access Chōshi from Tokyo (Shinjuku Station), but you will need to transfer trains a couple of times.

Alternativly, from Chiba Station, there is a service which runs directly to Chōshi and is an hour and a half shorter in length.