Facts about Japan

Want to know some quick facts about Japan? Well look no further. We aim to provide interesting facts about all things Japan related every Monday (+9 GMT, Japan Standard Time)! Come back every week to find out the next fact!

Hanako - a koi fish from Japan - was believed to live from 1751 until 1977, making her 226 years old.

In Japan, it is believed that there are more pets, and children.

'Miyajima' (a.k.a Itsukushima), the island where no deaths or births are permitted. This is to maintain purity of the island and Itsukushima Shrine.

Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, Just outside the city of Kobe, is the world's longest suspension bridge, coming in just shy of 4km.

Izumo Taisha, Shimane Prefecture, is believed to be the oldest shrine in Japan, dating back to the early 700's!

The Abeno Harukas, Osaka City, is currently the tallest building in Japan, at 300m (984ft) tall. Only 3.7m taller than the 2nd tallest.

Many Japanese adults often carry 2 phones with them at all times - 1 with a touch screen which they use often for calls, texts, games etc. While the other phone, usually an old flip or brick phone, is used as a back up emergency as they have much longer battery life.

The Genbaku dome, in Hiroshima city, is the only building in the city center that survived the atomic bomb that was dropped on the city of Hiroshima at 8:05am on August 6th, 1945.

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, in Okinawa prefecture, is one of the world's largest aquariums! It has enough water to contain MULTIPLE whale sharks ( Which grow between 5-10m in length)

The current which creates the Naruto Whirlpools of Tokushima Prefecture, is the 4th fastest current in the world at about 15km/h

Aomori Prefecture is Japan's largest producer of apples!

On average, Japan experiences upwards of 1,500 earthquakes - although not all of them are felt.

prior to the 1940's, Lake Tazawa of Akita prefecture was teeming with aquatic life. However, after an increase of acidity in the water, it is believed that all but one species were wiped out from the lake. The dace is the only fish species said to still be living in Lake Tazawa.

During the filming of The Last Samurai (2003), they used Mt.Taranaki in filming instead of Mt.Fuji. This is because Mt.Taranaki, in New Zealand, is often mistaken for Mt.Fuji, and many people couldn't tell the difference.

Japanese Train at station

7 out of the top 10 Land Speed Records for rail vehicles were set in Japan. In the top 5, there are 4 set in Japan, holding the place of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th. The Fastest Speed a Shikansen ( Bullet Train) has reached, is just over 600km/h, set in April of 2015 on the Yamanashi Test track.

Nara is a city which date back over 1,000 years. The main attraction of this city, are the friendly deer who roam the streets of downtown Nara. If you want to feed them, they will bow their heads before taking your snack for them!

Japan is a very thermally active nation. Japan has over 100 active volcanoes, with just under half of them being examined under extreme care, due to eruptions in recent, or the active threat of eruption.

Aomori, in Northern Japan, has the highest annual snowfall quantity in the world, with average snowfall being well over 7m.  

Although popularized by the Japanese, Tempura did not originate in Japan, but instead Portugal! 

The Golden Temple or Kinkaku-ji, of Kyoto finished construction in 1397. Although the building has been destroyed in the past, the Kinkaku-ji remains almost identical to the original design

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