Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions people have about Japan, we hope we can answer. If you have any questions which we haven’t answered, then make sure you send your question via a contact form.

Q: Is Japan expensive?

A: Contrary to popular belief, no, Japan is not that expensive. 

Q: What is the best mode of transport?

A: Trains, a vast majority of towns and cities have multiple train stations all around the city with multiple different train lines. Really great mode of transport for getting around. 

Q: Are Trains as reliable as the internet makes them out to be?

A: Mostly reliable, occasionally they are delayed by a few minutes, but from our experience, they do not go around with notes explaining that the train was the reason why you were late for work/school contrary to the popular internet theory.

Q: What should the be the first thing I do when I arrive in Japan?

A: Depending on when you arrive, either sleep, or go out exploring the city! see what there is in your neighborhood, but if you are coming off a long flight, make sure you take it easy.

Q: Are convenience stores everywhere?

A: Yes, you are rarely far away from a convenience store

Q: Are vending machines everywhere?

A: Yes, especially on street corners in big cities. But they are extremely easy to find. There are even some on Mt.Fuji!

Q: Can I visit Japan, without knowing Japanese?

A: Although it’s not recommended, you can – but if you go to large cities. Larger cities have a higher chance of having some bilingual staff to cope with the tourism market. You will need to do research prior to see if they have English options. Some restaurants will have signs that say no foreigners posted, it’s likely to be for a lack on English skills rather than racism.

Q: Is Japan really as safe as the internet says?

A: Yes. People in Japan have great respect for rules and order. And because of this, Japan has a very low crime rate. You do need to worry about a few things though. Japan does have a bit of aggressive marketing, and people on the streets will invite you to come into the restaurant because they want to meet with a foreigner, offering beer or other things, then when the bill comes, you are slapped with a bill which is just outrageous, a personal contact of ours fell for this and was charged 20,000JPY . For your safety, do not trust these the street advertisers at night for restaurants. That is really the major thing to worry about, and this primarily happens in the Shinsekai district of Osaka.