Iwakiyama shrine – Aomori | Travel Information

Iwakiyama Shrine (岩木山神社) Iwakiyama Jinja is located near the base of Mt. Iwaki, Aomori Prefecture. Iwakiyama Shrine is on the outskirts of the city of Hirosaki (population approx. 180,000). The shrine was first founded over 1,200 years ago, in the year 780. Many of the original structures have faded way with the wind and heavy snow of Aomori prefecture, but many of the current buildings date back to the early & late 1600’s when they were commissioned to build the shrine by the Tsugaru Clan.

Every year, in Autumn, the Oyama-sankei festival takes place, where pilgrims parade to the top of Mt. Iwaki from the base of the shrine, as it is said the Mt.Iwaki is merely an extension of Iwakiyama shrine.


Iwakiyama Shrine is about 40 minutes or so out from the city of Hirosaki, and thus, can only be accessed via either bus or by car.

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