There are Jobs in Japan waiting for you! Find out where you’re needed!

Thinking about moving to Japan, but don’t know what sort of Jobs you can expect to have being a foreigner? As long as you can speak Japanese to a business level, you can get pretty much any job you want. But if you aren’t so lucky to be fluent in Japanese, then these jobs in Japan listed below might help you to get a better understanding on what sort of jobs you can have with limited Japanese abilities.

English Language Consultant

Some companies in Japan really need to have some of their English written on their products proofread, as some of the English translations are seriously bad, and typically make your brain hurt trying to comprehend what they are trying to say! Offer your services to multiple companies in Japan for a reasonable price, and correct any grammar and recommend changes to the vocabulary to give meaning to the English on their product.

Tour Guide

Got a lot of local knowledge? Are friendly and have great communication skills? Then apply at travel agencies with Japanese only tours, pitch the idea of expanding their enterprise to new and exciting markets with multilingual travel guides! Or, you can even do local tours of your town – We can help you set it up, all you need is a plan and to provide us with some Information, and we’ll give you a fantastic commission rate of 80%

Hotel Receptionist

With an increase of tourism to Japan, comes a need for people staff at hotels who speak the language of their visitors to better communication and overall experience of the visitor. Hotels are popular in Japan, especially with the removal of most AirBnb’s, hotels are in need of English speaking staff. These jobs are currently in high demand for English speaking employees due to the upcoming Rugby World Cup, 2019, and the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. 

English Teacher

There are several programs which help you get a job as a English teacher in Japan, the most popular in most countries is ‘JET’. As long as you have some sort of Bachelors degree, then you qualify to to go on the JET program providing you get accepted. They help you sort out your visas and your living quarters before you even leave for Japan. For the most part, people go on the 1 year or 3 year program, in which for that time you will be going to schools and teaching English to students aged around 14-18 years old. You don’t even have to know Japanese – but it sure helps.

We will be releasing an article on the 3rd of November 2018 featuring interviews with past English teachers in Japan who have so kindly agreed to share in their experiences, look out for it!

Marketing Director/Social Media Influencer

Companies are typically looking at ways to expand their operations and reach new potential markets. If you have the right know-how and the right knowledge, you can be working in the marketing department everywhere from small companies, to large multinational companies. Some of the industries that have the highest demand for English speaking staff are; Tourism, Hospitality and Entertainment. 

This list is constantly expanding, and you can expect to have more items on the list as more job opportunities come up. We found this really helpful website recently that helps you find jobs and apply for them on their website. If you want to see what kind of job opportunities they have on their website, click here now!

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