Kumihama Bay – Kyoto | Travel Information

Kumihama Bay as observed from Kabutoyama Tenbo-dai in Kyoto Prefecture

Kumihama Bay, located in the north western corner of Kyoto Prefecture, is a large coastal lagoon that nothing more than a small sandbar separates the waters of Kumihama bay and the Sea of Japan. Kumihama Bay produces some of the best oysters in the region, as the naturally high plankton population make it an ideal feeding ground for the oysters, which creates tender, juicy and meaty oysters.  As such, many small farms line parts of the bay, and Kumihama bay is often regarded as the best place in Kyoto to get fresh oysters. 

Aside from oysters, you can enjoy many things in the Kumihama bay area. A favourite for those passing through is stopping at Kubutoyama Mountain Observatory (かぶと山展望台) Which over looks the bay area, as well provides an advantageous view of the small rural area of Kyotango Kumihama Shotenkyo. Beaches are plentiful in this area, and quite a few people from Kyoto and Tottori prefectures choose to take a short vacation to this area during the summer as the white sand beaches lure in those in need of a rest. Locals and domestic tourists can often be found at the local seafood restaurants, campgrounds, and walking tracks, as people come to Kumihama bay to escape the pressure of the working world.


Kumihama Bay can be found in the north western corner of Kyoto prefecture, bordering Tottori Prefecture. Due to the remoteness of the region, it can be quite difficult to reach and will certainly involve lengthy journeys on the trains from the major cities.  Tottori City is probably the closest major city to Kumihama Bay, and even still, its nearly a 4 hour journey on the train, costing upwards of 2,000JPY one way.  It is certainly a rest destination for quite a few locals, and the lifestyle is very relaxed around here, and quite a few people tend to visit the local campground and just enjoy the outdoors and the Kumihama bay.

Nearby Attractions


Scenic Sandbar that stretches over 3km across the Miyazu bay, famous for resembling a dragon when observed from a certain angle.

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