Most Popular Destinations


It is essentially the Japan equivalent of 'Time Square' in New York, as there are many bright and vibrant signs and advertisement all along the canal which creates a beautiful glint upon the water at night.


Kyoto city is Japan’s 7th largest city, coming in with a population of roughly 1.5 Million people, Making it just smaller than Kobe. Originally, Kyoto was the home of Emperor from 794-1868.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

The exact place where the atomic bomb was dropped on the city in 1945. A must see in Japan - a truly moving experience. It's one spot that everyone should visit out of respect.

Nara Deer Park

At the Nara Park, in Nara, Japan, the deer roam free, and they sometimes will walk out into the streets of the busy city! It's possibly one of the greatest parks in the world because of the friendly deer!


Itsukushima, or better known as Miyajima, is a small island located in Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Miyajima is one of the all time top destinations in Japan.


Sapporo is ranked the fifth largest city in all of Japan, with a population of roughly 1.9 million people! It is the capital city of Hokkaido Prefecture

Maruyama Senmaida

Maruyama Senmaida rice terraces are one of Mie prefectures most scenic spots. There are over 1000 handmade terraced rice paddies which line the side of a mountain!

Golden Temple (Kinkakuji)

The Kinkaku-ji (金閣寺), otherwise known as the golden temple was founded in 1397.It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kyoto.


Kobe, Japan is arguably one of the most romantic cities in all of Japan. Fine Dining, beautiful sights, and luxurious lifestyles, it's not hard to see why!


Yakushiji Temple (Yakushi-ji) dates back to the 7th century (680 A.D), constructed by Emperor Tenmu. It's one of the Oldest Temples in Japan.

Okayama Castle

Okayama Castle is a 6 story castle in Okayama City which was completed in the late 1500’s, taking 8 years to complete.


Otaru is a small port city in Hokkaido prefecture, with a population of roughly 135,000. It's one of the best places to get fresh seafood!

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