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Orihime Shrine front

Orihime Shrine, located in the town of Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture is a quiet countryside shrine, where the bright vermillion colour of the shrine contrasts the lush green grass garden – a feature very uncommon to see in Japan. The shrine was founded some 1200 years ago and is in the same shrine sect as the Ise Grand Shrine. Orihime Shrine has been worshiped at for many years and is home to two deities. The gods of local industry and matchmaking are enshrined here.  The shrine looks towards Tokyo, and on clear days, many of the iconic Tokyo landmarks are visible. In 2014, the shrine was named one of the best night viewing areas in Japan, and as such has become quite the popular date location for many locals.

Hours and Admission

Accessing Orihime Shrine

Ashikaga can be accessed from Tokyo via train, but it’s recommended that you don’t make a special trip just for this shrine, instead, we recommend that you use your JR Rail Pass (link can be found to purchase one) and go to Nikko. You can easily take a short detour on your way to Nikko and it won’t cost you anything with the JR Rail pass. Coming from Tokyo Station, take the Tohoku-hokkaido Shikansen  211 Yamabiko Sendai to Oyama Station, and then take the Local Takasaki (Ryomo Line) to Ashikaga Station. The shrine is about 20 minutes away from Ashikaga Station, and there are numerous things to do in the area, so make a day of it and explore Ashikaga.  

Nearby Attractions

Toshogu Shrine

Toshogu Shrine, located in Tochigi Prefecture, is a recognised UNESCO World Heritiage site, together with the neighboring Futarasan Shrine , accompanied by the some 40 buildings which make up the shrine grounds. The shrine serves as the final resting place for Tokugawa Ieyasu, whom was the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate who helped to shape Japan into the country it is today. 

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