Miruzu Travel Group, the parent company of Off The Track Japan, is looking for budding new travel authors searching to publish their latest travel guide books and experiences. We aren’t just looking for Japan based guides, but from everywhere in the world. Cities, countries, regions, we are accepting everything. We publish on Amazon using their Kindle Publishing service, and will offer three kinds of publishing. 

  1. Total ownership
  2. Royalty based
  3. Shared Royalty

With Total Ownership, we offer a lump sum for exclusive publishing rights of your guide book. This is the hardest form of publishing to achieve and only the top quality work will be offered this publishing option.

With Royalty Based, we take $1(USD) of each sale made on the Amazon Kindle Store, and you keep the rest including. Payments are made indefinitely (until we decide it’s no longer viable to sell). You decide on the sales price, we will do all the marketing and everything for you. 

With Shared Royalty, we purchase a version of the guide, and make additions and add different chapters while still maintaining core content, so we own an exclusive edition of your guide and hold the rights for what we have purchased.



  • You must own all the rights to content used in your travek book
  • Photos must be owned and photographed by you, or are published under public domain / CC0. 
  • Must exceed at least 25 pages of 6″ by 9″


All submissions can be sent to [email protected]  For submission purposes, we will require at least 25% of the finished manuscript for us to read as a demo. If we are interested, we will contact you with our offer or proposed change of publishing. Please put the publishing type that you want in the subject header following the name of your manuscript. Please name the email as such [Proposed travel book name], [Publishing type] – Submission.