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Fukushima Prefecture, located in Japan’s Tohoku region is the 3rd largest prefecture in terms of total area. The capital city of the prefecture is Fukushima city, located on the north end of the prefecture. 

For some of you who remember, in 2011, Fukushima prefecture was devastated by a tsunami. The Tsunami and the earthquake which caused the tsunami had severely damaged the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station, and saw some 47,000 residents seeking refuge after being forced out of their homes due to the high radiation readings. Today, the area around the Nuclear power plant is deserted, and the nature has been slowly reclaiming the land since the people left.

Aside from the nuclear disaster, the prefecture thrives off of it’s fishing and agricultural industries. In addition, Rice is also a major industry for the region, with the rice from Fukushima producing some of the finest Sake in the country – it is said to be served to visiting world leaders and royal families who visit Japan. 

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Tsuruga Castle

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