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Spotlight Prefecture

Osaka Prefecture is the most populated prefecture in the Kansai region of Japan. The prefecture is home to nearly 9,000,000 people. Despite this, it’s ranked as the second smallest prefectures in terms of areas. Many tourists will fly into Kansai International Airport, and visit the nearby prefectures of Osaka, such as KyotoNara, and Hyogo

The capital city of the prefecture, is Osaka City, which is located near the coast, and is home to many world famous attractions, such as the Aquarium which holds a whale shark! Or even Universal Studios Japan! 

Takoyaki is a famous street food of Osaka prefecture – it’s the local specialty. For those who don’t know, Takoyaki is a type of food thats in the shape of a ball, and filled with Octopus pieces, and usually some other spices. It’s a must try dish in Osaka!

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Latest Destinations

Matsue Castle

Matsue Castle, Matsue City in Shimane Prefecture, is one of the only standing castles from Japan’s Feudal Era. Construction of the castle began in 1607, taking only 4 years to complete.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is Japan’s 2nd tallest structure, standing at 333m tall. Construction began for the Tokyo tower over 60 years ago in 1957 (Completed in 1958).

Kazurabashi Bridge

Kazura Bridge (Kazurabashi Bridge), Tokushima is not the most stable looking bridges around. A real test of faith to walk across this historic bridge


Mount Kitadake (Kita-dake), Yamanashi Prefecture, is probably one of the most picturesque viewing areas of Mount Fuji.

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Weather across Japan

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