Kyoto Prefecture

Kyoto Prefecture, in Central Honshu (Japan’s main island), is one of Japan’s most culturally and historically significant prefectures. Kyoto city, the capital city of the prefecture, was built circa 780. Over half of the prefecture’s population lives in one city – which would of course be the capital Kyoto. Kyoto prefecture is full of historic villages and districts, which really gives a historic vibe to the prefecture. 

Many visitors to Japan will visit Kyoto city, however, very few dare to venture out past the city, which is a real shame because there is so much beauty which one can not simply get by taking a day trip to Kyoto.


Destinations in Kyoto Prefecture

Kyoto City

Kyoto city is Japan’s 7th largest city, coming in with a population of roughly 1.5 Million people, Making it just smaller than Kobe. Originally, Kyoto was known as Heian-kyō, and was the home of the Emperor from 794-1868 and was the first capital city of Japan.

Fukuchiyama Castle

Fukuchiyama castle is located near the heart of Fukuchiyama City, in the mountains of Kyoto Prefecture.The castle was first constructed in 1572 by the Yokoyama family and was used until 1872 where it was destroyed in the Meiji Restoration.


Amanohashidate is one of Japanese greatest natural wonders, and is one of the Three Views of Japan. It’s a sandbar which stretches across over 3km across and splits the Miyazu bay.

Golden Temple

The Kinkaku-ji (金閣寺), otherwise known as the golden temple was founded in 1397 by Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kyoto, and is one of the seventeen Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto, which all 17 of those Historic Monuments are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Kyoto Tower

Literally just outside Kyoto Station, is Kyoto Tower. The Tower is the tallest structure in Kyoto coming in at 131m tall!


Thousands of bamboo stalks have grown to enormous heights, which create one of Kyoto's most scenic destinations, attracting photographers from all around the world.

Accommodation in Kyoto
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