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Japan Rail pass

You would have no doubt heard about a Japan Rail Pass at some stage if you are thinking of booking a holiday to Japan. But what is a Japan Rail Pass?

 A Japan Rail Pass is a type of pass, valid for a 7,14, or 21 day period which allows you to have access to ANY of the JR Rail services across the nation, all for a fixed price. What that means is you have unlimited travel across Japan from top to bottom and everywhere in between, making it a highly cost effective thing to have.

So, How do I get one?

Glad you asked! You can purchase a JR Rail Pass off one of our partners who can provide you with some of the cheapest prices around for the JR Rail Pass and you can be on your way to having your JR Rail pass by clicking here now.

Awesome! How much is a Japan Rail Pass?

For the standard seats on the bullet trains (Non-first class / Green car), then the pricing is as followed:

07 Days: $261 USD (roughly 29,000JPY)

14 Days: $414 USD (roughly 45,500JPY)

21 Days: $529 USD (roughly 58,200JPY)

For First Class seats on the express and bullet trains, then the prices are as followed:

07 Days: $348 USD  (roughly 38,200JPY)

14 Days: $562 USD (roughly 61,800JPY)

21 Days: $731 USD (roughly 80,300JPY)

That seems a little expensive. How worth it is the JR Rail Pass?

Well, It really depends on the itinerary you have. If you are only going to stay in one city or region or region, then the pass isn’t for you. However, if you are planning on taking the bullet train to the major cities, then it is an invaluable resource to attain, will be paid off in a flash. 

For example. The bullet train from Tokyo Station to Kyoto alone is 13,910JPY. Then Kyoto to Hiroshima is another 11,410JPY, and keep in mind that’s only one way. Now let’s say you decide you want to go up northern Japan, well you have to get back to Tokyo, which is 19,080JPY from Hiroshima station. If you buy a JR Rail Pass, then the ticket costs are 0JPY (outside of what you paid for the pass). It’s unlimited train travel anywhere in the country without having to purchase a ticket every time. So, to summarize, providing you aren’t staying in the one city, then it’s highly worth getting a JR Rail Pass.

So, how do I know if I'm eligible?

Eligibility differs depending on the type of passport you hold and the visa you have. If you have a tourist visa of 90 days, then there is a high likelihood that you will be eligible for a Japan Rail Pass. If you do not have the 90 day tourist visa, and are living in Japan on a working or residency visa, then you will more than likely not be granted a Japan Rail Pass. Ideally, make sure you double check on our partners website, they have all the details you will need and the exact specifics.

Awesome! I Want to buy one!

As previously mentioned, you can get started and purchase your Japan Rail Pass by visiting out travel partner by clicking here and selecting the option to
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We have their link around our website so if you can’t find this page again, then you can find it elsewhere on our website. 

From all of us at Off The Track Japan, we hope that you will have a fun and exciting trip to Japan, and encourage you to contact us if you ever need any advice for your trip to Japan.