Where to Store Luggage in Japan

coin lockers in train stations are a great place to store luggage in Japan

In Japan, you have a number of options when it comes to storing luggage and bags. This makes it easy for when you are arriving in Japan and want to explore the city or area before checking into your accommodation. But sometimes, finding places to store your luggage can be quite difficult if you don’t know what to look for or where to look. That’s why we created this list here to help you find the storage places should you need assistance. Below you can find the most common places to store luggage in Japan.

Coin Lockers

The first and most common option for luggage storage is coin lockers. Coin lockers can be found at every large train station, and also at some medium sized train stations. The period of coin lockers is valid for one entire calendar day. There are usually 3 sizes of coin lockers, which vary in price as well. The smallest (around 35x34x57cm) of which will fit the average backpack, which start from 300JPY. Next, you have your medium sized lockers (57x34x57cm), which are about the size of a standard carry-on luggage and will can usually fit a couple other personal affects inside as well. These can be anywhere from 400-600JPY depending on where you are. Lastly, you have your large lockers (117x34x57cm) which are capable of fitting standard suitcase sizes, and can be anywhere from 500-800JPY.

Luggage Storage Shops

Luggage storage places can easily be found in busy areas and occasionally outside of train stations, typically quite close to the coin lockers. Basically, you just put them in a room, you pay the price, and you can walk away. It’s really simple, but some people have their reservations about them. You can find these near major tourist destinations as well as main train stations around the country, and while they are a little strange, they can be trusted for the most part – just do your research in advance on where you plan on storing your luggage. 

Hotel Storage

Some hotels will typically have some sort of option that allow for you to drop off your luggage before you check in to your room. This is convenient and is usually free, or the hotel might charge a small fee of 100yen to do so, but either way, probably the best place to store your luggage before heading out and exploring. However, sometimes, it’s just not convenient to do so, especially if your accommodation is not within walking distance of a train station. If you book your hotel on Booking.com, you can use the booking agent to contact your accommodation and ask if they have a luggage storage place.

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