Dōtonbori – Osaka | Travel Information

Dōtonbori is one of Osaka’s most iconic sites. The attraction is built around the Dōtonbori canal, which is a river system that links up Shirinashi river, which further connects to the Osaka Bay.

Named after local entrepreneur,  Yasui Dōton, the construction of the Dōtonbori Canal began in 1612. Following the death of Yasui Dōton in 1615 in the siege of Osaka, the cousins of Yasui completed the canal that year. From 1621, the Tokugawa Shogunate made plans for the Dōtonbori canal to be designated as an entertainment district in Osaka, which has continued to be in the entertainment district to this day.

Dōtonbori Canal has gone a massive transition from its early roots, starting off small, with the hopes of increasing the local economy, to now one of the major tourist destinations in Osaka. Dōntobori can only be described as the Time Square of Osaka, as there are many bright and vibrant signs and advertisement all along the canal which creates a beautiful glint upon the water at night. One of the most famous sites at Dotonbori is the ‘Glico running man’, which has become the most known landmarks in Osaka. A lot of people tend to visit Dotonbori after dark as the atmosphere completely changes and you may find yourself overwhelmed with bright lights. Peak hours of visit are between 8pm-11pm, but it’s not uncommon to see people here between 12-4am. Food and shopping places are scattered throughout the area, so feel free to explore what the surrounding area has to offer

Should you want, you can board a short cruise of the Dōtonbori Canal from the Tazaemonbashi Bridge boat dock. If you’re looking where to go, just find the Don Quijote Dotōnbori store, you can get your tickets on the first floor of that building. These cruises are about 20-30 minutes long, and you will get to see an entirely new perspective of the Dotōnbori Canal – one that you can’t get from the various bridges. We highly recommend you taking one of the evening cruises if you can. At the waterfront, you can gaze at the beautiful reflections of the bright vibrant lights hitting the waters surface.


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