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Shirahama Shrine in Shizouka Prefecture is a picturesque shrine

Shirahama Shrine,  also known as Ikonabi Hime shrine, is a unique Shinto shrine located along the coast of Shimoda City, Shizouka Prefecture. The Shrine is characterized by it’s unique torii gate, which can be found sitting atop a rock on the beach as the saves crash on and around the rock. It’s found at the north end of Shirahama Beach, and the shrines first torii gate and most beautiful torii gate can be found here on the shore.

The main shrine building itself can actually be found several hundred meters in land. Locals come to the shrine to pray for business prosperity, marriage, and travels. Tourists tend to visit the torii gate, as on clear days, the scene makes for quite a memorable picture spot.

Accessing Shirahama Shrine

Shirahama Shrine is about 10 minutes via bus from Izukyu-Shimoda Station in the city of Shimoda. 

Take the S31 Bus from the Izukyu-Shimoda Station to Shirahama Shrine Bus Stop. The trip will cost 370JPY One Way.

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Excellent views of the Shimoda Harbour area with views that go on forever.

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