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One of the Three Views of Japan

Amanohashidate viewed from the northern side

Amanohashidate – One of Japan’s most scenic sites!

Located in the north western corner of Kyoto Prefecture in the small coastal city of Miyazu, Amanohashidate is one of Japanese greatest natural wonders, and is one of the Three Views of Japan. It’s a sandbar which stretches across over 3km across and splits the Miyazu bay. Amanohashidate is covered in well over 7,000 Pine trees, and there is a stunning pathway for all to travel on by foot or bike should you choose to cross the sandbar.

As mentioned, Amanohashidate is one of the Three Views of Japan, as well as Miyajima, Hiroshima Prefecture, and Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture. This means that Amanohashidate is very popular among locals because it’s one of the most scenic spots in Japan. Amanohashidate has been been an essential part of Japanese culture. Along the sandbar, there is the Isoshimizu well, which people sourced water from as far back as the Heian Period (Years 794-1185)

There are quite a few bike rental places around Miyazu for quite cheap. And so, many visitors will rent a bike for a short period of time and bike across the sandbar at a leisurely pace. These bikes can be rented from as little as 400yen. Depending on who you rent your bike from, you might also have access to a free or discounted trip along a highspeed ferry all the way back to where you started, which is a lot better than having to pedal all the way back and give a unique view of the sandbar.


You can view Amanohashidate from both sides of the sandbar and Miyazu bay. But we believe that the best view is achieved from the southern side, at the Amanohashidate View Land – a small amusement park ontop a hill looking over the sandbar. Not only is there a couple of little rides to go on, but it all can be done with arguably the best view of Amanohashidate. At this side, it is said that if you look at the Amanohashidate sandbar upside down, you will see a shape that resembles a dragon taking flight.

Accessing Amanohashidate

Amanohashidate is accessed by train and is about 2 hours out from Kyoto city, but if you can make your way out to it, it certainly is worth the trip. There is the Amanohashidate train station that can be found a mere 2 minutes from the start of the the sandbar, and is only five minutes away from the base of Amanohashidate viewland. 

Most, if not all of this journey to Amanohashidate can be covered by the using a Japan Rail Pass providing you take the JR Lines directly to Amanohashidate Station, but there the direct services are few and far between, and may require a transfer at Miyazu Station. Without the Rail Pass, the journey will cost 4,790JPY one way, so we recommend using the rail pass for this trip, and try taking the direct service to and from Kyoto Station.

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