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Fushimi Inari Taisha, better known as Fushimi Inari Shrine, is one of Kyoto’s most popular destinations – if not the most popular. It gained fame by have literally thousands of bright orange Torii gates which line the pathways that scale the mountain side. It was originally founded in the year 711, but was moved to it’s present location about 100 years later.

Small torii gates at beginning of trail

The Shrine is dedicated to the Shinto God of Rice, Inari. You will see fox statues around Fushimi Inari shrine as foxes are believed to be a messenger to Inari, and many make offering of Rice and Rice Wine to the statues.

When you arrive at the shrine, you will not walk through all of the torii gates immediately. First, you will pass through the shrine grounds and the main building, which many visitors pray at before making the climb up the side of the mountain.

After you have gone through the main grounds, you will then join the mountain side trail. Starting off with the dense, but smaller torii gates, of which many photographers flock to from around the world. It is extremely hard to get a picture of the small torii gates during the day time as several thousand people pass through on a daily basis. But if you are patient, you too can capture the perfect shot. The larger torii gates further up the mountain are much easier to take photos of. The further you climb the mountain, the less people you will see, making photography of the torii gates a breeze. 

Larger Torii Gates

Once you get out of the section with the smaller torii gates, you will enter the steeper section of the mountain, featuring a lot of steps, and many large torii gates. As you can see by the image, these gates become further spread out, and do not create the same affect as the smaller ones, which appear to give light an orange tinge. 

The summit of the mountain from the base shrine and back will take a healthy climber roughly 2.5 hours to complete. However, many people turn back half way up the mountain as most people are happy enough with the amount of torii gates already seen.

Hours & Admission

  • 27/4
  • Free

Fun for Children & Families

Good for 1 - 2 People

Good for Groups

Not Wheelchair Friendly in Places


Fushimi Inari Taisha can be accessed from Kyoto Station via train for a meme 140 JPY per trip. 

The train you will need to take is on the Nara Line, bound for Joyo Station. 2 stops into your trip and you will arrive at Inari Station. You can’t miss it, many people on the train will also be getting off there, and of course there will be an announcment saying you are arriving at Inari Station.

If you somehow ended up at Fushimi Inari Station, then you have made a slight error somewhere. Not a problem, you can easily fix it. As you can see on the map, Inari Station and Fushimi-Inari Station are very close to each other, so don’t panic.

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