Japanese Castles

Castles in Japan date back several centuries to the days where clans separated the nation, and would often war against each other for political & economic power, as well as territory and influence. The castles would be where important war lords or leaders would stay and were the most fortified part of the territory, with the land around it strategically shaped and selected to create the strongest defense possible with the resources the clan had access to.

When you walk around the castle, you will notice all the little details that were used as defense mechanisms in case of attack, from a complex labyrinth of paths leading up to the castle keep, to the steep sloped walls that prevented Ninjas from scaling the side of the castle.

Unfortunately, during the late 1800’s, many castles met their demise at the hands of the Meiji government that seized and destroyed many of the relics of the feudal era of Japan. Only 12 castles across the nation remain as the original structures and were not destroyed over the course of time. The rest are in ruins, or are reconstruction built off original designs.


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