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Toyama castle in Toyama Prefecture

Toyama Castle, located south of Toyama Station, is a reconstruction of Toyama castle, which was originally built in 1540’s. Today, the Original last is long gone, and a smaller recreation sits in the Toyama Castle Ruins Park and the interior of the keep has been converted into the Toyama Municipal Folk Museum. The original castle keep was destroyed like many other castles around japan during the Meiji Restoration. 


As previously mentioned, the inside of the castle keep is now the Toyama Municipal Folk Museum, which is place where you can read about the city’s extensive history, and also about the use of the Original Toyama Castle. Inside the Toyama Castle Ruins park, you can also find the Sato Memorial Art Museum, which houses the artwork of the Sato Sukekuro, who was an entrepreneur and artist from the city of Toyama. 

During the early years of the castles’ life, it served as the Toyama base for the mighty Maeda Clan, whom had rule over a large portion around the surrounding prefectures for several decades. When the castle was ordered to be dismantlement during the Meiji restoration, some of the more permanent could not have been destroyed, so the castle moats and some of the castle walls are the original. 

The grounds now serve as a relaxation spot for locals and tourists alike, as the castle grounds provide a calming atmosphere. A popular time to visit the Castle is in spring, around April, when the cherry blossoms are at the height of their beauty.

Around the castle, there is a pretty average amount of English, it’s not 100% English, but there is enough for you to understand most signs with a few Japanese only signs here and there.

Toyama Castle wall

Hours and Admission

  • Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm (Final entry at 4:30pm)
  • 210JPY (Castle Keep)
  • 310JPY (Combined ticket of castle keep and Sato Memorial Art Museum)


The Toyama public transport system is great and allows for easy movement around the city, there are 2 tram stations right outside the castle grounds, both of which can easily accessed from Toyama Station. The best station to get off at is Kokusaikaigijo-Mae Station, as it brings you right to bridge of which crosses the castle moat. You will need to take the tram marked ‘3’ and the station out front the entrance to the castle will be the 4th stop. 

Where To Stay

Hotel Crown Hills Toyama

Hotel Crown Hills Toyama is a great place for solo travellers as it offers and attractive price located just 250m away from Toyama Station. A complimentary breakfast is  also included.

ANA Crowne Plaza Toyama

If you’re planning on visiting the Toyama Castle, then you couldn’t have asked for a better hotel than the ANA Crowne Plaza Toyama, located across the road from Toyama Castle. It’s priced well for the quality of hotel service that the hotel offers.

Onyado Nono Toyama Natural Hot Spring

The Onyado Nono Toyama Natural Hot Spring is also located right near the Toyama Castle. The hotel interior is designed to be traditional Japanese, and it is a joy to stay at, even though the price is a little steeper.