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Misogi shrine is a small shrine in the city of Hokuto. The Shrine was built in the late 1900’s, so the shrine is a fairly new shrine.

One of the attractive features of this shrine are the spacious grounds, combined with the slightly aged timber the shrine is constructed out of, which create a unique aesthetic. 

Misogi is a different belief in the shinto faith, one where the concept of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ actions is replaced with the idea of ‘pure’ or ‘impure’ actions.


The shrine has a Noh Theatre, which is a traditional type of perfomance stage. Often on Noh Stages, you can see theatrical and musical performances. Noh is one types of performing arts, was was recently inducted into UNESCO Intangible Cultural arts category. The oldest Noh Theater is at the Itsukushima Shrine. the Noh Theater at The Misogi Shrine is far newer than the one at itsukushima shrine, however it is still very impressive to see. 

Performances in Noh Theaters are stylized by dancing, and where emotions are expressed by masks and actions rather than just facial expression. 

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For the easiest access to the shrine, please click on the directions button and input your starting location to better route your trip. The closest train station (Kobuchizawa Station) to Misogi Shrine is about a 30 minute walk 

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