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Lake Motosu, in Yamanashi Prefecture is a picturesque photo location, offering beautiful views of the world famous Mt.Fuji.  Lake Motosu is part of the Fuji Five Lakes region, which extends around the northern base of the mountain. Lake Motosu is the westernmost of the Fuji Five Lakes.  The Lake Motosu area is full of fantastic outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, kayaking and fishing. The Fuji Five Lakes region is an outdoor adventurers paradise. 

The lake was formed after Mt. Fuji had erupted in the 800s, which filled the northern region of the mountains base with ash and rocks, dividing up an already existing lake into three of the five Fuji lakes. The three lakes formed by the eruption, Motosu, Sai and Shoji remain connected through a complex network of undergound channels. At the deepest part, the lake is 121.6m. 


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The nearest closest major city is Fujiyoshida, which is about 2.5 hours away from Tokyo via highway bus. 

The lake itself is most easily accessed by car, and while you can take other transport from Fujiyoshida, it will be quite expensive, and so it will be best to have access to your own car should you want to visit this stunning destination.

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