Kansui Park – Toyama | Travel Information

Kansui Park Bridge

Kansui park is a small park located near the center of Toyama city – just down the road for Toyama Station. If you are in the area around lunch time, then this would be a great spot for a picnic lunch. 

It’s a popular walking and meeting area among locals.  Locals often walk along the water front, relax on the spacious and well maintained lawns, and to view the cherry blossoms come spring time.

The Fugan Canal starts in Kansui park, and flows into the sea of Japan at the Toyama Bay. The canal finished construction in 1935, and was actively used in the development of Toyama city. The life of the canal was short lived though, only in operation for 15-20 years before it was needed no more. The canal was preserved by the city of Toyama, and sits as a historic post-war feature of Toyama.

You can take a short boat ride from Kansui Park, to one of the historic locks used in the canal (Nakajima), or the Iwase Canal hall for 1,500JPY (Including light rail fair return). More information on these ferry rides can be found here.