Mie Prefecture | Travel Information

Mie Prefecture is a coastal prefecture located in Kansai region of Japan, touch the Pacific ocean and Ise Bay. The Capital city of Mie prefecture is Tsu. The prefecture is significant to Japanese culture and history, with the Ise Shrines believed to have been founded in 4 B.C. 

Destinations in Mie

Maruyama Senmaida

Without a doubt, The historic Maruyama Senmaida rice terraces are one of Mie prefectures most scenic spots. There are over 1000 handmade terraced rice paddies which line the side of a mountain!

Kumano Kodo (Kumano Ancient Pilgrimage Route)

The Kumano Ancient Trail, also known as 'Kumano Kodō', is one of the most cultural and historically significant pilgrimage routes in Japan.

Ise Grand Shrine

Located in the city of Ise, Ise Grand Shrine is one of the most sacred shrines in Japan. It is also one of the oldest, being founded in 4BCE.

Rokkaen Gardens

Neighboring the Nagara River, Rokkaen is the former house of Moroto Seiroku, who was a wealthy businessman around the early 1900’s.

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