Maruyama Senmaida – Mie | Travel Information

Without a doubt, the historic Maruyama Senmaida rice terraces are one of Mie prefectures most scenic spots. Located in the mountains of West Kumano City, you can find Maruyama Senmaida, which has over 1300 terraced rice paddies. 

Maruyama Senmaida is believed to be as old as 400 years. Obviously, back then, they didn’t have much technology to help them construct the rice terraces. Therefore, all 1300+ paddies were meticulously crafted by hand.  

The construction was a laborious effort, as the terraces are made out of stone and mud, which was an enormous task. Originally, there were well over 2,000 paddies, but erosion and time wore them down, and it became increasingly difficult to maintain. Maruyama Senmaida is one of the few terraced rice paddies remaining in Japan, due to the method of rice farming becoming obsolete, due to advancements in technology. However Maruyama Senmaida still maintains a this style of rice terraces, and they certainly are beautiful, especially when the locals host an illumination festival.

Without a doubt, this isn’t a spot that many tourists adventure to, but it really is a unique experience if you can manage to visit it.

Accessing Maruyama Senmaida

We highly recommend that you use a rental car to reach Maruyama Senmaida as there really isn’t an easy way to get to this remarkable sight. 


Where To Stay

Nearby Attractions

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