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Nara Prefecture in central Honshu, is one of Japan’s oldest prefectures, predating the Heian period. The Nara Period was from the year 710-794, ended when the Heian period  began. The Imperial capital was located in Nara prefecture during that time. 

Nara is known world wide as ‘that place where the deer roam the streets’. And yes, that reputation is very true – but only in the prefectures capital city of Nara. In Nara city, near the downtown area, thousands of deer roam the streets and park as they please. They do have their horns cut off for the protection of the many travellers, but other than that, they are left to do whatever they want to – usually it’s snacking on special deer cookies tourists feed them.

Destinations in Nara Prefecture

Nara Deer Park

At the Nara Park, in Nara, Japan, the deer roam free, and they sometimes will walk out into the streets of the busy city!


Todai-ji is one of the great temples of Japan, with it being founded in 752 – well before the Heian Era had even started!

Yakushiji Temple

Yakushiji Temple (Yakushi-ji) dates back to the 7th century (680 A.D), constructed by Emperor Tenmu. It's one of the Oldest Temples in Japan.

Kumano Kodo (Kumano Ancient Pilgrimage Trail)

The Kumano Ancient Trail, also known as 'Kumano Kodō', is one of the most cultural and historically significant pilgrimage routes in Japan

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