Renovation Notices For Popular Tourist Spots in Japan

Don’t get caught surprised by a destination being closed for renovations. Read here to find out what is affected by major renovations so that you can plan your trip accordingly!


[Name Here] X = Not open to visit (MAJOR Renovations)

[Name Here] * = There is only a minor inconvenience here, so you can still visit.

[Name Here] ** = There are some main features covered up, but you can still see most of it.

Tokyo Prefecture

Tokyo Tower (*)

Notice until: End of July 2019

Details: The construction at the Tokyo Tower is currently underway on the south side, which faces Yokohama and Shinagawa. These areas will not be visible during the length of the renovation. You can still visit the Tokyo Tower.

Kyoto Prefecture

Kiyomizu-dera Temple (**)

Notice until:  2020

Details: The main hall of the Kiyomizudera Temple is currently under scaffolding, and as the roof is currently being repaired. The main hall is pictured to the left, as it is under scaffolding, it will not like like the picture. However, the rest of the area remains free from construction, you can still visit it. 

Photo from nearby Yasaka shrine, only 2 minute walk away.

Chionin Temple (**)

Notice until: 2020

Details: The Chionin Temple is an important temple in the Buddhist faith. The main hall is currently under scaffolding. however this scaffolding is being removed, and should be gone by the start of April or around that time. The interior of the hall will still remain inaccessible to the public for the remainder of 2019.

The Kinkaku-ji temple makes it on our list for the top attractions in Kyoto

Kinkaku-ji Temple (*)

Notice until: 2020

Details:  The only renovations that are underway here is right as you buy your ticket, the walkway there is currently under scaffolding to make some minor repairs to the wall. There is nothing here that will obstruct your view of the temple or ruin your experience here. It is expected to be cleared by mid 2019, to early 2020.

Nijo Castle (*)

Notice until: Until Further notice.

Details:  There are currently long-term renovations underway at Nijo Castle, covering up Honmaru Palace. Normally, this palace is rarely open to the public, however palace is completely covered up, and the surrounding buildings are blocked off, making photography a little difficult here. Other attractions like the Ninomaru Palace remain open.

Hiroshima Prefecture

Itsukushima Shrine Torii Gate (**) [Notice Active June 2019]

Notice until: 2022

Details: In June 2019, work will begin on the Istukushima shrine Torii gate, the famous one that appears to be floating out in the water. It is getting a fresh coat of paint, and having the roof of the shrine repaired after several years of wear and tear. It will be covered in scaffolding for both the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics.

Osaka Prefecture

Tennoji Zoo/Tennoji Park (*)

Notice until: Late 2019/Early 2020

Details: At the east entrance to the Tennoji Zoo, there is currently some renovations going underway. During this time, you will see and hear some construction vehicles, however they should not cause too much of a problem You may also here some renovation works around the Elephant exhibit as that is also under development. However, the zoo is still enjoyable despite the slight renovation works ongoing.

Kumamoto Prefecture

Kumamoto Castle (X)

Notice until: 2021

Details: The Kumamoto Catle was severely damaged in an Earthquake during the mid 2010’s and has since been rendered unsafe for tourists. The castle and grounds are being restored and are estimated to reopen in 2021. Until then, the castle is strictly off limits.

Mt. Aso Ropeway (**)

Notice until: Until further notice

Details: The Mt.Aso Ropeway is currently suspended for maintenance reasons following the aforementioned earthquake. The gondola to the volcanic crater has been stopped until further notice, however there is a bus service that runs in it’s place until the ropeway is deemed safe again, meaning that you still can visit the area, just can’t ride the gondola.

Aso Shrine (**)

Notice until:  Until Further Notice

Details: Aso Shrine was also damaged in the earthquake of 2016, where several of it’s main features collapsed or endured serious damage and had to be destroyed for safety reasons. It is estimated to be roughs 5-10 more years before the shrine is restored. until then, it is not recommended that you visit.

Aomori Prefecture

Hirosaki Castle (*)

Notice until: 2023

Details: The Castle keep at hirosaki in aomori prefecture has been moved roughly 80 meters from it’s original resting place on the corner of the castle moat as they are repairing the foundation. The castle is still visit-able, just the castle is not in it’s original spot.

Nara Prefecture

Yakushiji Temple (*)

Notice until:  2020

Details: The work at Yakushi-ji temple in Nara is only minor, with only 1 out of the 2 pagodas being covered up, and the rest of the grounds and buildings remaining mostly untouched by the renovations. The only main difference between the east and west pagoda (East is currently being renovated) is the colouring, while the west one (as pictured) is mostly white and red, the west pagoda is grey and red. Other than that, the west pagoda is slightly taller, you can still get the full experience at Yakushiji temple should you visit.

Kofukuji Temple (*)

Notice until: Early-mid 2019

Details: There is a little bit of ground maintainence and the odd bit of resurfacing on some wooden planks around the halls. The renovations here should not intervene too much with your travels around the temple, so you can still enjoy yourself at this temple.

Aichi Prefecture

Nagoya Castle (X)

Notice until: 2022

Details: The castle is undergoing some severe interior and exterior maintanence to upkeep the beautiful Nagoya Castle. During the renovation time, which will last until 2022, the castle will not be visit-able, and you might only get the odd angle of the castle from a distance if they don’t have the scaffolding up.

Tochigi Prefecture

Toshogu Shrine (*)

Notice until: 2024

Details: The Shrine is being renovated in sections at a time as part of a 15 year renovation project. Because of this, there are still large sections of the shrine that you are able to visit while only a small bit of the shine is being worked on at a time. 

  • This list is updated on the 2nd Thursday of Every month. 
  • The Renovations listed on this list are only the major renovations which are likely to cause some inconvenience to you should you visit
  • While we try our best to list all of the renovations, there are so many destinations in Japan and it is impossible to keep on top of all of them. As such, there will be some renovations which may go unnoticed for a while. We will not be held responsible for any missing renovations on our list.
  • We will not be held responsible for any injury or death caused by any party entering a construction zone. The warnings are in place for a reason.
  • We remind you to please stick to the guided paths to prevent injury to yourself, others, or to property.
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