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Heijyo Palace, more commonly to known to visitors as Nara Palace Site,  is an enormous complex of palace buildings gardens and ruins sprawls across the center of Nara city.

Nara, known in Japan as the ancient capital lies in the very heartland of Japan. It was the second major capital city, after Fujiwara-kyo and was the administrative capital of Japan from 710 to 794AD. At the moment attempts are being made to rebuild the main palace site with many buildings such as the throne room, main gate, outer wall and garden already reconstructed and more under construction.

The main palace courtyard measures more than a kilometer in length and contains the foundations of many palace buildings from the time period.

The most prominent features are the reconstructed Suzaku gate and Imperial Grand Audience hall (throne room). These are both absolutely massive constructions that can be seen from the train as you approach the station. The grand audience hall is free to enter and beautifully decorated, including a replica throne and incredibly detailed paintings on the walls and ceiling.

The most noteworthy of all the Palace site attractions however, is the East Palace Gardens. Discovered during excavations and faithfully restored the gardens are the only remaining Nara period members of the beloved gardening style and are a truly remarkable place.  It is also as a result the oldest Japanese garden in existence. Events such as Gagaku are held throughout the year at the stage area in the center and the museum at the entrance contains many interesting artifacts recovered from the digs.

Hours and Admission

Accessing Nara Palace Site

You can get to it by taking the #70, #72 or #97 bus from Nara station or by catching the train from the Kintetsu-Nara Station to the Yamato-Saidaiji station.

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