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Naruto Strait whirlpools

The Naruto Strait is a body of water which separates the city of Naruto, to Awaji Island. The Pacific Ocean and the Seto Inland Sea mix here, and 4 times a day, a large volume of water rushes through the Naruto strait, creating Tidal Whirlpools.  The Whirlpools operate under the tidal conditions, and are created according to the tides, so roughly every 6 hours. They usually only last for an hour, so there are cruises which go out and give their customers an up close view of the whirlpools. We will provide details of the tours you can take to get close to them.

Spring Tides provide optimal viewing conditions, which during the spring tides, you can expect to see the whirlpools up to 20 Meters in Diameter. But normal tides still create these beautiful whirlpools. so if you want to go, make sure you check out the tide times by clicking here:–shi/Ajiro-Naruto/


As mentioned, the Naurto Strait is a body of water which separates the city of Naruto, and Awaji Island. Luckily, there is a bridge which connect the two bodies of land. The Ōnaruto Bridge is a suspension bridge which spans the strait, allowing for cars to get from the island of Awaji, to Naruto and the rest of Tokushima Prefecture. 


It’s total length is 875 meters, and it has 40 meters of clearance between the bottom of the bridge, and the water. You can even access the underside of the bridge, where you can gaze down through glass floors. The company which operates the bridge observation deck is Uzu no Michi, and an adult ticket to enter costs only 510JPY. Hours of operation are 9-5pm, but the last entry is at 4:30.


These Whirlpools are the fourth Fastest in the world, and the fastest in Japan. But even still, large boats are virtually unaffected by them, meaning that there are tour boats which operate so you can get up, close, and personal to some of the world’s greatest natural whirlpools! We have provided you with 2 English Sites for the whirlpool companies for your convenience. 

Uzushi Kisen Boat Tours

Where is the Naruto Stait?

The Naruto Strait is located in the  Northeast most point in Tokushima Prefecture, located between the Island of Ōge, and Awaji Island. Tokushima a prefecture located on Shikoku Island, which can be access really easily from parts of Kansai, providing you cross a couple of bridges with a car. 

The there are bridges which connect all the islands, and regular transport going between all the major spots. Unfortunately, there are no trains which run to and from the Naruto Strait, but there are buses which can get you the strait. 


The preferred mode of transport for getting to the Naruto Strait would definitely be a car, as you can park in the parking lots for relatively cheap for the entire day, giving you plenty of time to do sightseeing around the strait. So if you can get a hold on a car for a couple of days while you are in Osaka or Kobe, then this would definitely be worth taking a trip to, especially if you have the freedom of a car!

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