Tokushima Prefecture | Travel Information

Tokushima prefecture is located in the eastern region of the island of Shikoku. There’s a population of round about 800,000 people currently living within the prefecture. The capital city of the prefecture is Tokushima city, which has a population of 255,000.

Destinations in Tokushima Prefecture

Naruto Strait

The Naruto Strait is a body of water which separates the city of Naruto, to Awaji Island. But everyday at the turn of the tides, natural whirlpools form, which can grow up to 20 meters in diameter!

Kazurabashi Bridge

Kazura Bridge (Kazurabashi Bridge), Tokushima is not the most stable looking bridges around. However, back in ancient Japan, bridges constructed out of vines and wooden planks were the only way to get across valleys.

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