Types of Accommodation in Japan

In Japan, the tourism and hospitality industry in enormous. As a result, there are numerous different types of accommodation options that have arisen from the high demand for hotel rooms. But with so many different types of hotels, it is hard to really understand which ones are which and what experience you’ll receive in them. With this page, you should have a better understanding of the different types of accommodation options to help you decide on what suits you.

p/n = per night (average)

Capsule Hotels

Price Range: 2500-7000 JPY p/n

Capsule hotels have become popular over the past few years as a place to rest your head if you spend the night out somewhere or miss the last train. They can be quite cheap, but for the most part they are comfortable. The capsules you stay in arent necessarily large, but will usually have a small TV inside, and a shared bathroom can be found usually within each block of capsules. Larger capsules with double beds are an option at select hotels. 

Backpackers / Hostel

Price Range: 1000-5000 JPY p/n

Backpackers / hostels are perfect for those who just want somewhere to sleep and without it having to cost too much. A bed in a dormitory style room can be as little as 1000JPY a night. Most backpackers / hotels will also have private rooms with just one or two beds in them, typically all in a Japanese style of room, which usually start from 3000JPY.


Price Range: 3000-7000 JPY p/n

Guesthouses are very similar to backpackers, but usually will have more privacy (less beds per room), and typically will have nicer private rooms. Guesthouses are ideal if you are planning on staying in the same region for 4 days or longer, as they are an economical option and have the facilities to accommodate stays of this duration. 

Economy / Business Hotel

Price Range: 4000-10,000 JPY p/n

Economy / Business hotels are great options for accommodation as they are typically mostly found right outside major train stations, and as such are a convenient place to stay. Great for 1-2 people as the rooms are usually on the smaller side, but most should still include a private bathroom and basic facilities. 

Standard Hotel

Price Range: 5000+ JPY p/n

These hotels are just your run of the mill hotel, featuring nice western style rooms and decent sized rooms to accommodate your needs. Usually will have a nice hotel restaurant inside. You can find a lot of western chain hotels in this category here as they rely on brand recognition for their sales.

Temple Lodging

Price Range: 5000-15,000 JPY p/n

Temple Lodging is a unique experience and a half. Some temples offer up to option to stay inside their accommodation and give you the chance to explore the temple world, with authentic Buddhist vegetarian meals, and an invite to the morning an evening worship times. It is a very unique experience, and if you have the option, do not hesitate.  

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Onsen Hotel

Ginzan Onsen Village is among the best views in Japan

Price Range: 8000-65,000 JPY p/n

Onsen hotels are possibly one of the more preferred hotels among travellers, especially for those going in the winter. While they are quite steep in terms of pricing, they are worth it fully. From the moment you walk in, you feel as if you have gone back in time as you experience a traditional Japanese style hotel. Onsen hotels will have their own steaming hot baths open to guests. Nothing better than hopping into a hot bath after a long cold winters day.


Price Range: 5000-50,000 JPY p/n

Ryokans are Japanese style Inns, very similar to an Onsen hotel in terms of service and what to expect out of your room and meals. You are treated like royalty at most Ryokans, as the Ryokan staff want to ensure they can do everything in their power to make your stay special. Some might have their own hot baths, but it’s never a guarantee. 

We hope that this page was able to help you understand what sort of options there are for accommodation in Japan. If you have yet to book your hotels, we recommend that you do so within 3-5 months of your travel dates as usually you can find better deals during this time. Thank you for reading, and we hope you have an amazing trip to Japan.

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