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Akita prefecture, is located in Northern japan, on the main Island of Honshu. Akita Prefecture is the 6th largest prefecture in terms of area, but only 38 out of 47 in terms of population (Est. 1,075,000 people). Roughly 320,000 people live in the prefecture capital city of Akita, which is located on the west coast.

Akita is known for their many Hot springs and beautiful scenic views of the mountain ranges across the prefecture. 

Akita prefecture is also a pretty famous winter destination. On Average, Akita city receives close to 4m of snow a year, with much more snow hitting other places of the prefecture. Skiing is quite popular around this area because of the plentiful mountain ranges which can sustain snow for quite some time. 

Destinations in Akita

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Lake Tazawa

Lake Tazawa, in Akita prefecture is the deepest lake, with a max depth at a whooping 423 meters deep – with an everage depth of over 200 meters!

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