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Lake Tazawa, in Akita prefecture,  is the deepest lake in Japan. Lake Tazawa has a maximum depth of 423 meters deep – with an average depth of over 200 meters. Lake Tazawa and the surrounding area  is popular for sightseeing and the visiting of the local hot springs which dot the surrounding mountain ranges. Lake Tazawa is really a sightseeing paradise – not too many tourists and it’s in the middle of the mountains, so it’s absolutely stunning to photograph. The nearest city to Lake Tazawa is Semboku, which has easy access routes to the lake front.

There is a local legend about the statue which sits along the shore of the southern end of Lake Tazawa. The statue is of a local girl, named Tatsuko. There was a beautiful girl born in the village of Tazawa, as she grew up, her beauty only increased. She began to become weary that her looks would fade, and prayed for 100 nights that her beauty to last forever. She was told by the gods to drink from the waters, telling her that he beauty will last indefinitely should she drink the water. So, not wanting to loose her looks, she hastily drank from the water. After she took a long drink from the water, she looked at her reflection in the water and noticed that she had become a dragon. 

It is unclear how Lake Tazawa for formed, but there are a couple of likely theories. One being, that the lake is a volcanic caldera, which is the most likely answer due to it’s depth, and the geography of the area. The second theory, is that the lake is the impact crater from a meteor. 

If you’re looking for something extra fun to do, then go ahead and rent yourself a swan boat and take to the waters like a true sailor. It’s a really calming way to see the sights of the lake. From the shore, you can also buy fish food pellets and attract the local dace fish, which are the only species of fish found in the lake.

Lake Tazawa near Lake Towada

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Accessing Lake Tazawa

Lake Tazawa is a short bus or car ride from the city of Semboku. Tazawako Station is the main train station in the city. There are bus services that run from JR Tazawako Station, to the lake front that take only 15 minutes to reach. From Tazawako Station, take the Nyuto Line, bound for Nyuto-Kaniba Hot Spring, and ride the bus until you reach the lake front. To get to the lake will only cost 350JPY. However, getting to the Statue of Tatsuko, the journey will take 35 minutes and cost 700JPY one way along the Lake Circular Line.

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Nearby Lake Tazawa