Lake Towada – Akita & Aomori | Travel Information

Lake Towada at sunrise with 3 people fishing

Lake Towada is a small lake located on the border between Aomori and Akita prefecture.  It is the largest crater lake on Japan’s main island of Honshū, with a surface area of approximately 62km² and a maximum depth of 327m. Lake Towada sits on top of an “active volcano”. The volcano, although not currently showing major signs of volcanic unrest, eruptions can still happen without warning. There were originally two volcanic calderas, but one collapsed on itself some 5000 years ago, forming one large caldera lake.

The most recent eruption of the volcanic calderas took place in 915AD, which caused havoc on the surrounding region for the following few years. However, in recent years, the lake is used for more recreational purposes, and was stocked with fish in the early 1900’s. Rainbow Trout, Kokanee Salmon (Sockeye Salmon), Carp, Cherry Salmon, and Crucian carp are some of the main species of fish that can be found in the lake. The Oirase River flows from Lake Towado, and as such is a popular fishing place at the river mouth and down the river. 

Scenic cruises can be taken on Lake Tawada, and if you are interested in taking these cruises, make sure you stop in at the local Tourism Center in the township of Yasumiya, which is the only town that can be found around the shores of the lake. It’s found on the southern side of the lake, and is where all the accommodation in around Lake Towada can be found.

Accessing Lake Towada

The lake can be found in the northern region of Akita Prefecture, or in the south of Aomori Prefecture.  

By Car, you can access Lake Todawa year round via the many rounds which connect and circle the lake. 

However, the public transport options are limited by season. From Early April to early November, a JR bus service to Towada runs throughout the day from JR Hachinohe Station, which stop at the southern end of the lake in the township of Yasumiya. This journey will cost 2670JPY one way, but can be made free using a JR Rail Pass.

Where To Stay

Towada Lakeside Hotel

Comfortable lakeside lodge with exceptional views of Lake Towado. Easy access to the lake and scenic views.

Towada Backpackers

An economical place to stay for those who just want to explore the area. Located a short walk from the water.

Towada Packpackers

An economical place to stay for those who just want to explore the area.

Nearby Attractions

Hirosaki Castle

Hirosaki Castle, located in Aomori Prefecture, was first built in 1611 by the powerful Tsugaru Clan. The original castle, had five stories, was struck by lightning in 1627 and subsequently burned down.

Lake Tazawa

Lake Tazawa, in Akita prefecture is the deepest lake, with a max depth at a  whooping 423 meters deep – with an everage depth of over 200 meters!

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