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Kofukuji Temple Nagasaki

Kofukuji Temple, in the city of Nagasaki, is an old Chinese temple  that was founded in the early 1600’s. Kofukuji Temple features some interesting architecture – architecture that’s not seen too often in the mainland of Japan, but are more common to see in Kyushu where Nagasaki is located. The temple has quite a high Chinese influence, and was founded by a Chinese monk during the 1600’s, where Nagasaki  was a major trade port between China, Korea, and Europe

Kofukuji Temple was established as a place of worship for the Chinese merchants to pray for safe travels on the rough seas between Japan and China. Inside the main worship hall, which completed construction in 1632, a large glass lantern can be found hanging from the roof, and is one of the most interesting and unique things that you can see at this particular temple.

Kofukuji Temple is found in the temple district of the city, so around the Kofukuji Temple, you can find numerous other historic temples and shrines around the area. Most famous being the Sofuku-ji, which again has a very unique architecture that’s similar to Kofukuji, but different enough to create a completely different temple atmosphere. The Sofuku-ji Temple certainly has more of Chinese influence on design than the Kofukuji does, and they are both only a short walk between them, so make sure you check them both out.

Kofukuji Temple Nagasaki

Hours and Admission

Accessing Kofukuji Temple Nagasaki

From Nagasaki Station, take the Nagasaki Denki No.3 (Nagasaki Street Car) to Civic Hall Station (Local Hotarujaya Line), from there, the Kofukuji Temple will only be a short 5 minute walk from the station. In total, the journey from Nagaski will only take 10 minutes, and cost 130JPY.

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Nearby Attractions

Nagasaki Peace Park

A park in the city of Nagasaki that commemorates those who passed away during the Atomic bombing on the city of Nagasaki on August 9th, 1945.

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