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Nihon-ji temple at Nokogiriyama

Nokogiriyama (Mt. Nokogiri) is a mountain located on the Boso Peninsula. It has a total height of 330m (approx. 1080ft) and contains one of the oldest temples in the region – Nihon-ji Temple. Nihon-ji Temple has a history that dates back roughly 1300 years, and as such was one of the first places of worship in the Kanto region of Japan. 

Nokogiriyama is a place that few even know exist, which is remarkable because of how close the mountain and temple are to Tokyo. 

The most iconic feature of Nihon-ji temple is the abundance of stone statues, all hand cut out of stone over several years. The first Buddha statue to be carved was the Daibutsu (Meaning, Big Buddha), which took three years to carve out the 31m tall statue, which was completed in 1783. However, later renovations and fixes were done to it in the mid 1900’s.

Along the trail up the mountain, you can find approximately 1500 stone statues representing disciples of the Buddhist faith, all cut out over a twenty year period (roughly coming to one statue per 5 days). Many of which today have been beheaded by order of the government during the Meiji restoration, but there has been work done in recent times to fix many of the statues.

Further up the mountain, you can find another 30m talls stone carving of Hyaku-Shaku Kannon, whom is the goddess of mercy in Buddhism. This statue was carved in 1966, as a tribute to those who fell in WWII


There is also an observation deck which on looks the entire Tokyo Bay Area, well worth the visit.

Hours and Admission

Accessing Nokogiriyama

Getting up to Nokogiriyama can be tricky without your own car, but if you are willing to get there, then the reward is well worth it.

 If you have access to the train, then you can take the JR Uchibo Line to Hama-Kanaya Station, which is only a short 10 minute walk away from the Nokogiriyama Ropeway. The Ropeway can take you quite a way up the mountain for 500JPY one way, or 930JPY return. Once there, you’re free to explore the vast area of Nihon-ji Temple and Nokogiriyama.

You can also drive up if you have access to a car, as there is a parking lot most of the way up the mountain.

Nearby Attractions

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