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View of Onomichi from Senkoji Park

Senkoji Park, located in East Hiroshima Prefecture in a small city called ‘Onomichi’, is home to probably one of the best views in all of Japan – seriously, the camera can’t do it justice.

Senkoji Park itself really does not offer too much in terms of activities. That being said, There is a fantastic view which can be attained by walking up to the observation deck at the peak of the hill the park is located on.

There are about 3 main routes you can talk to get to the park, all of which will rquire you to scale a seemingly endless amount of stairs and sped surfaces, rest assured though, the hike up is well worth it. While the recommended route takes you through a shopping arcade and through a couple historic temples on your way up, there is another route which we highly recommend. The Pathway takes you up to Onomichi Castle (which is visible  on the right side of the city view image), which sadly is no longer accessible.

The Castle was built in the late 1970’s, and really was not used for much at all before it was eventually closed down. Despite this, you can still get right up to the main castle gate where you can get some interesting photos of the exterior if you so please. However the pathway offers more than just the exterior of the castle.

For the anime fans out there, the alternative pathway takes you to one of the iconic locations in the anime ‘Kamichu!’ which is an anime that was set in Onomichi which was originally released in 2005. From the hill, you can see 2 locations in which are visible in the anime, for one, you have the school in which the students in the anime attended, and then you also have the ferry terminal, which can be see across the harbor with the arched roof. However, the arched roof had collapsed many years ago, but the structure still remains and is thus barely visible. It can also be seen in the image over looking the harbor in the first 3rd on the opposite side of the harbor.

The 3rd option to the top is taking the gondola, which is far easier and does not require much exercise which is a more suitable option for those unfit or not wanting to scale up a small mountain. The gondola will cost 500JPY for a round trip, or 320JPY for a one way trip. It is open from 9:00am through until 5:15 pm 

Around the park, you also have Senkoji Temple, which is among the more popular of stops on the way up to the observation platform. Many who traverse to the park will walk up the hill this way, passing by the Senkoji temple as the way up to the top is more direct and far easier than the scenic route which passes by the anime locations. 

Senkoji Temple offers stunning views of the harbor despite it being lower down the mountain. It was first constructed in the 9th century and was an important stopping point in pilgrimage routes.

Hours and Admission

  • Hours: 9:00am - 5:15 (Gondola)
  • Park Open 24 Hours
  • 500JPY (Gondola round trip, 320 JPY one way)
  • Free Entry to Observatory

Accessing Senkoji Park

The park is easily accessed by walking from Onomichi station. To the start of the walking path, it will take you about 5 minutes.  The gondola departs from Sanroku Station, which is about a 10-15 minute walk from Onomichi Station.

The walk up to the the park will take about 15 minutes on the recommended route, while it will take about 25 taking the scenic route with Onomichi Castle and the anime locations along the walkway.

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