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Tottori Sand Dunes

The Tottori Sand Dunes (known in Japanese as Tottori Sakyu) are the most popular attraction in Tottori Prefecture. The sand dunes, which are found along the, coast stretch approximately 16km in length, with the longest dunes having a width of 2km (height of 50m). The dunes were formed many thousands of years ago, and have continue to change shape and form to this date. The sand originated from the nearby Sendaigawa river, which as storms and heavy rainfalls came to the area, washed the river sand out to sea, where the ocean currents picked the loose sand up, and gradually deposited along the shoreline.

According the geological evidence, it is believed that these sand dunes have existed for some 100,000 years, but have recently began declining in size due to reduced areas where the sand can accumulate. The main area is now only about a kilometer total in length, and it can be found near the Sand Museum – which features immaculate displays of sand during exhibition periods, which are themed off countries and their history.

You can also go on camel rides through the sand dunes, which cost 1,500JPY for one person, or 2,300JPY for two people. The camel rides open from 9:30am (10:00am during winter), and close at 4:00pm.

Hours and Admission (Sand Museum)

  • Hours: (8:00am - 6:00pm, 8:00pm on Saturdays)
  • 600JPY
  • Closed Between exhibition changes, typically January to April)
  • Official Website

Accessing Tottori Sand Dunes

Bussing from Tottori Station to the Tottori Sand Dunes is the best and easiest way of getting to the sand dunes, as they operate year round and are most cost effective. Take the bus from Tottori Station bus stop #0, bound for Tottori Sakyu – 鳥取砂丘 – and depart once you get to kodomonokuniriguchi Bus Stop, which will be just past the Tottori Golf Club. It will cost 330JPY one way.

Where To Stay

APA Hotel Tottori-Ekimae

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Tottori Washington Hotel Plaza

Quality hotel, located in a convenient central location.

Hamamura Onsen Totoya

Luxurious Japanese-Modern style hotel with ocean views and Onsen.

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