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Usuzumi Sakura

The Usuzumi Zakura, in the city of Motosu, Gifu Prefecture, is believed to be one of the oldest cherry blossom trees in Japan, with it being estimated to be as old as 1,500 years old. It’s been named as one of the three great cherry blossom trees in Japan, among the Miharu Takizakura in Fukushima Prefecture, and the Jidaizakura in Yamanashi Prefecture.

The Usuzumi Zakura is a popular sightseeing place in Gifu prefecture come spring time, as only a few other trees in the country match it’s beauty and size. Many locals will come to Usuzumi Park to visit this cherry blossom on during the annual Hanami (flower viewing) festival. The tree has been propped up with large wooden poles to support the tree as it weakens with age.

Hours and Admission


The Usuzumi Zakura is located a little out of the way for most people travellers, but there is a train station nearby if you do want to make the journey.  The closest large city nearby is Motosu, which has a train line to Tarumi Station (30 minutes along the Tarumi Tetsudo – Local Tarumi Service), and then a 15 minute walk from the station to Usuzumi Park. This journey will cost 600JPY one way. There isn’t much accommodation in Motosu, we we recommend staying in the much large city of Ogaki, which follows the same line, will take 1h 15 minutes total to reach the park, and will cost 930JPY one way.

Where To Stay

APA Hotel Ogaki Ekimae

Nationally recognized Hotel chain with convenient location in the center of Ogaki.

Ogaki Forum Hotel

Hotel located in Ogaki City with everything a solo or couple traveller will ever need.

Quintessa Hotel Ogaki

Convenient Hotel near Ogaki Station with large rooms and a quality restaurant.

Nearby Attractions


Historic Villiage with steep thatched roof – a popular winter sightseeing destination, but you can still enjoy the village year round.

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