Aoshima – Miyazaki | Travel Information

Aoshima in Miyazaki, showing the devils washboard

Aoshima is a tiny island found just off shore from the city of Miyazaki, Miyazaki Prefecture. It’s home to two notable tourist attractions, one of which is the Aoshima Shrine, an important, beautiful yet small shrine located admist the small sub-tropical jungle of Aoshima. 

The second attraction is whats known as the demons washboard, or Oni no Sentakuita in Japanese, which encompasses the shore area at low tide, where years of erosion from the sea has created a unique pattern of rocks. 

Aoshima is a beautiful little island that can be accessed year round in the sunny, sub-tropical climate of Miyazaki prefecture, where resorts and and popular beaches are plentiful and highly populated in the warmer months. 

Aoshima in Miyzaki prefecture also shares the same name is Aoshima in Ehime Prefecture, known as the cat island. While there may cats on this island from time to time, it should not be confused with Aoshima in Ehime. 

Hours and Admission


Aoshima is only a short distance away from JR Aoshima Station, only about 10 minutes maximum to walk.

JR Aoshima Station is roughly 30 minutes south on the train from Nichinan Line (Local Shibushi Train or Local Nango Train). This trip on the train will cost 380JPY one way.

You can use the JR Rail Pass for this journey for free travel on the JR Kyushu Lines.

Where To Stay

Aoshima Grand Hotel 

Seaside hotel with beautiful beach views and views of Aoshima, minutes from Aoshima


Aoshima Guesthouse Hooju

Small, quaint guesthouse situated near Aoshima Station, perfect for those exploring the area on a budget

ANA Holiday Inn Resort Miyazaki

Stylish, modern hotel with excellent facilities, great location and a perfect place to simply relax

Nearby Attractions

Takachiho Gorge

Famous gorge with stunning scenery found high in the hills of Miyazaki Prefecture. 

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