Takachiho Gorge – Miyazaki | Travel Information

Takachiho Gorge is a scenic gorge carved by years of erosion from the Gokase river in Miyazaki Prefecture in southern Japan. The gorge has become a popular sightseeing spot, as sheer steep cliffs line both sides to the gorge that tower as over the river. The Takachiho Gorge houses a beautiful 17 meter high waterfall known Minainotaki falls which pours into the Gokase River.  

During the summer time, visitors to the gorge can enjoy the summer illumination until 10:00pm every night. Many couples take advantage of this and have dates during the summer illumination to the gorge.

At the Takachiho Gorge, you can enjoy the scenery from a rental boat for thirty minutes, or via the walking path that lines the topside of the gorge. The boat option is the most popular, as it provides the best views of the water falls and gives the best perspective to truly understand the sheer scale of the stone walls that line the river. Boats can be rented from the southern side of the gorge – more details can be found below. From above, you can enjoy a well maintained walking path that lines the top of the gorge and looks down into the gorge. Both are worth checking out when you visit the Takachiho Gorge.

Further up along the high path, only about 30 minutes on wards from the gorge, you will reach Takachiho Shrine. The shrine hosts nightly dance performances set in traditional Japanese style, retelling local history and Japanese mythology. 

Hours and Admission - Boat Rental

  • Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm (Last boat rental at 4:30pm) Rental time limit 30 minutes
  • 2000JPY Per Boat ( Cash Only ) - 300yen fee for every 10 minutes late.
  • Average Time Spent: 1 - 2.5 Hours
  • Official Website

Accessing Takachiho Gorge

Takachiho Gorge is located quite a distance from any major city, and getting to it can be quite difficult. The best and quickest way to get here is using a rental car of a private car service. 

There is however a Miyazaki Kanko travel bus service that runs from Nobeoka to the Takachiho Bus center – about a 30 minute walk from the gorge – that depart hourly for 1790JPY taking 90 minutes one way. It’s really up to you what you decide, but we do think that having a rental car makes accessing Takachiho Gorge all that much easier.

Where To Stay near Takachiho Gorge

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