Kintaikyo Bridge – Yamaguchi | Travel Information

Kintaikyo Bridge as seen on Off The Track Japan

The Kintaikyo Bridge is an iconic landmark in the city of Iwakuni, and was originally construction in 1673, and remained in it’s original form for nearly 300 years, when it was finally beyond repair following the events of a typhoon which unfortunately severely damaged this picturesque bridge, later rebuilt by local residents precisely to how it was before it was destroyed, and finished it’s rebuild in 1953.

The beautiful bridge spans across the Nishiki river, and has 5 wooden arches with small stairs.

The Bridge underwent further reconstruction in the early 2000’s, costing 2 billion yen (18.2 Million USD). To account for the cost, a small fee is now charged to walk across the bridge. In total, the bridge spans 175 meters, and is 6.6 meters above the Nishiki River.

The Bridge stands at the base of Mt.Yokohama, where the Iwakuni Castle is located a top – a small restored castle originally built in 1608.

Hours and Admission

  • Hours: 24/7
  • 310JPY


The Bridge is located a little out of the way, but can be accessed from Shin-Iwakuni station, making it a nice little excursion if you want break up your bullet train trip. You will need to get off at Kintaikyo Bus stop, located near the bridge, and will cost 350JPY one way.

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